Dhahran Tower Nursery & PreSchool

Dharan Tower Nursery and Pre-School (DHT N&P) provides outstanding inclusive childcare and education in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. The aim is to empower your children to become confident, creative, lifelong learners. This childcare service was set up in partnership with Worldwide Kids and is managed by Dharan Tower.


The Childcare Team at Dharan Tower are trained annually by Worldwide Kids and given regular childcare best practise updates. Dharan Tower Nursery and PreSchool is operated by a dedicated team of professionals that are chosen not only for their knowledge, skills and experience, but also for their caring and nurturing nature. The staffing criteria and ratios are based on the national requirements, as stated by OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education in the UK). This aids the team in providing an excellence in childcare.



The Childcare team aspire to ensure that all children and adults visiting Dharan Tower Nursery and Pre-School are treated with respect and valued as individuals. The aim is to ensure that all play and learning equipment is multi-cultural and accurately reflects today’s society.

DHT N&P welcomes children with additional needs. The team will work in partnership with any available agencies, supporting your child and helping them develop. By promoting this environment your child will be able to develop a positive self-image along with an understanding of people from all walks of life.

DHT N&P has qualified paediatric first aiders in the Nursery and PreSchool at all times.


The environment provided for your child is designed to a high standard, ensuring that it is safe and inclusive. The rooms are bright, warm and spacious. To allow your child the maximum space to play and develop, there are separate sleeping and changing areas. The play environment is furnished with high quality age appropriate furniture and equipment that has been selected by Worldwide Kids. Dharan Tower Nursery and Preschool also features a bespoke indoor soft play area and private garden for the children to enjoy.


There are full and part time places, with the opportunity to attend mornings or afternoons. Dharan Tower Nursery is open Sunday to Thursday, from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm and our Pre - School is open Sunday to Thursday, from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm in term time. Although happy to accept part time places, please book a minimum of three sessions per week for children aged 6 months to 3 years and a minimum of 5 sessions for children aged 3 to 5 years.

Please note that during Ramadan period, the DHT N&P hours will be subject to a change.

There is Registration Fee of 3500 SR per child per Academic Year. This fee covers your registration, reserving your required sessions, and your child’s uniform and materials.

There is a 10% Discount for Parents booking their child in for a Full Trimester (Academic Year).

Fees exclude meals, formula milk, nappies & wipes (these must be provided by parent/carer) .

Please note that school fees will be reviewed annually and may be subject to change.

NURSERY (6 months - 3 years)
PRESCHOOL (3 - 5 years)


DHT N&P believe education is a partnership between home, nursery and pre-school. The childcare team will build upon the skills and knowledge which you are providing for your child, by offering valuable, fun learning experiences. The online Early Learning Journal is where and how we record the progress your child is making towards the early learning goals in the Foundation Stage. It provides a means of celebrating your child as an individual learner, who is progressing in a unique way, developing their own approaches to tasks and activities, building their own ideas and understandings, their own talents and abilities.

To login to view your child's online Early Learning Journal please click here, this is powered by Learning Journals.

DHT N&P work in partnership with local schools to ensure that your child is equipped with the necessary skills to embrace the next stage of their academic life. Our aim is for the transition between our pre-school and the new school of your choice to be a positive experience for both you and your child.


Spring Semester - 8th January - 16th March 2017
Summer Semester - 2nd April - 15th June 2017
Autumn Semester - 10th September - 14th December 2017
Also closed for Eid Haj holidays 31st August - 7th September 2017.

Spring Semester - 7th January - 15th March 2018
Summer Semester - 1st April - 14th June 2018
Autumn Semester - 9th September - 13th December 2018

Please note that during Ramadan period, the DHT N&P hours will be subject to a change.

To the teachers and staff of DT Nursery and Preschool I would like to convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to you all for having such a positive impact on Eliana.

Eliana has learned so much in the past year. Her knowledge, ability and behaviour have grown in leaps and bounds that she surprises us everyday for something new. You have helped grow my child into such an intelligent little being and for that I am very grateful.

Thank you for the support and help with her adapting to having a sibling. For being patient and consistent in teaching her the right things. For being caring and encouraging because it is your little positive words and comments that have made her have the best first year of school.

I know Eliana will miss you all dearly but she has made lasting bonds with amazing teachers that I believe she will carry with her through out her life.

- Govender Family

We wanted Valentina to continue going every day to your nursery because she is very happy going there and we’ve seen great changes on her behaviour since she started with you.

Thanks a lot for the very great job you and your team are doing at the Nursery.

- Guerra Castillo Family

It was a wonderful experience for Ruba and me to join a nursery for the first time. I thought it would be difficult to prepare her for the pre-school since she is going to be in one the next academic year, but you and the team in Dharan Tower Nursery made it easy to happen.

Ruba learned how to play in a group and how to enjoy her time with other kids. She wakes up with full of joy and go to bed after a busy day.

It was the best choice to enrich her skills and make her time worthwhile. Your daily report about her day in the nursery and your kind responses to my concerns and the generous feedback were all very informative and useful.

Love you all for all your hard work to make our kids happy.

Thank you as much as the joy and happiness Ruba brought home with her every day.

- Mukred Family

We have been pleased with his progress there and we thank you and your staff for all that you have done for our son.

- Benfield Family

Thank you so much for everything that the DT Nursery offered Clark.

Overall amazing facility! Never thought that I will find anything like this in the KSA. Very pleased with the level of attention given to our 1.5 years old. Your great facility gave us comfort in knowing that Clark was at a safe, fun and educational place.

Thank you so much.

- Benson Family

My child loves his preschool very much and has made a great improvement in his overall development.
I thank you and his teacher very much for all the great efforts and support extended to him.

- Khan Family

My daughter stayed at the Dharan Tower Preschool for 7 months and we are highly satisfied with the quality of care she received

The preschool is well-managed and the teachers display great dedication to the children’s well-being. The teachers are very knowledgeable of child nutrition requirements, age-appropriate activities as well as updates with the curriculum. The preschool provides plenty of activities with the children; they are always having fun while learning.

- Dai Family

Our 3 yo daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time at the pre-school and the friendly and very supportive staff kept us well-informed of her development along the way. Our daughter gained so much from a social and educational perspective - we would often hear her at home happily singing new songs or telling us about all her friends at the school. We certainly felt she was in good hands and can thoroughly recommend the pre-school to others.

- Smith Family

Your school is amazing and I appreciate all the efforts made for the children in your school.

Dharan Tower pre-school and nursery are the best in Khobar!

- Omer Family

Thanks for your continued support and all the hard work you and your teachers had put in at the DHT Nursery.

It was the time very well spent by Inaya.

- Shafi Family

Jade has really enjoyed her time in the nursery and will be sad to say goodbye to her amazing friends and carers.  We have been very happy with the level of care that she has received and in the way the nursery is run. Should our new arrangement not work out we will definitely be in contact.

- Wood Family

Thomas really likes it at his new school. Thank you to you and your staff for taking good care of him.

- DiGiovine Family

Our daughter Jules has had a wonderful experience at Dharan Tower pre-school.

The school staff and facilities were great and the general learning experience was challenging and engaging for Jules. The field trips and indoor and outdoor play opportunities also added to her learning experience. The recent addition of an online learning
journal system allowed us to track Jules’ development and is a superb resource.

We are confident that Jules is well prepared to commence school at DBGS this Autumn thanks to her year in Dharan Tower pre-school.

- Hall Family

I wish Ismael could spend more years within the preschool as you did very good job with the kids. Ismael didn’t speak a word in English when he started preschool but after just one year he made incredible progress. I would like to
thank all the teachers, Pavla and staff for their patience and their caring of the children, you have all being so nice with Ismael. 

I especially recommend every mother to put their kids in this preschool since they offer a big variety of activities which make kids very happy everyday they go to school.

I wish you all the best with other kids next year !!!!!

- Bouruiss Family

Thank you so much for taking care of Marco for the past 4 months. We know that you have loved him and treated him with a great care; especially while he was the youngest baby in the nursery.

We are sad that he needs to leave but know that we can keep fond memories of his first nursery! We know that he has enjoyed his time with you all so much and surely will miss you.

- Van Rooyen Family

We started sending out daughter when she was 18 months and since then we have been really impressed. We chose this nursery due to the fact that it's has a UK curriculum and the facilities are very good. It is very clean and the staff are extremely friendly. The Staff keep us updated both daily and at parents evening of her development. We really appreciated what the staff have done for our daughter. We will really miss all at Dharan Tower Nursery

- Garcia-Arocha Family

It was very hard for us to move the kids out of DHT Pre School which we knew for sure that they would be as well. Emir and El were complaining why they have to move to 'Big School' while having their best time with their school and their lovely teachers as well as the warm welcomed staffs when they arrived at the school door.

As a parent I feel secured leaving the kids at the school everyday because not only curriculum that is best to them but also the safety and security are at highest priority which it is very important to us.

So, We thank you for your teaching, caring, and professionalism in delivering education values to our children.

- Hadi Family

We are leaving the country and we would like to thank you and all the DHT Team for the support and dedication you gave to our daughter Elisabetta in her early learning path. The progresses she made are clearly evident. We came to you after very bad experience with our boy in finding a proper school for his education. We were pretty sad to find such huge difficulties and we were terrified in doing the same with Elisabetta. But after the first encounter, your words and support encouraged us. We knew it was for just a semester but it was a breath of oxygen for us.
Betta enjoyed all her school days and she enjoyed all the friends she had. Especially Amina that has a special place in her heart.
We followed the many school activities, learning experiences on the journal and all the trips done: all events were based on make the children enjoy themselves and learn something at the same time.

- Gennari Family

My daughter has attended Dharan Tower pre-school for past 1 year and 3 months and she absolutely loved it! The teachers there are really friendly, professional and caring. They helped my daughter settled in DT really fast when she first started there, just after one week my daughter could walk into her classroom without me sending her in, which was really surprised me. They also helped my daughter to develop interpersonal relationships, communication skills and build her confidence.
Each day we hear stories from my daughter about the fun, adventures, and learning that she has experienced; reinforced by the photos and stories that the staffs shared with us ( via e-learning online, which I found really it's a really smart program for parents to check it at any time). DT pre-school addresses the educational needs of each child as well as their emotional and social wellbeing. the children participate in programs and activities that encourage them to engage, question and analyse the world around them, enriching their lives and forming a love of learning.
we cannot thank the staff enough for the wonderful experience they have provided for my child.
we will miss you all!
Thanks again everyone!

- Sha Family

I think DHT Preschool is an ideal preschool environment for children.

The school creates a positive atmosphere by teachers with a warm heart in bright and clean classrooms.   
The school activities are not only exciting but also stimulate children's intellectual curiosity and promote their learning by professional English lessons.

Thanks to this school program supported by excellent teachers,
my son even wants to go to school on the weekends!

Thank you for your support as always.

- Morishita Family

Our child Ehaab had a very wonderful and exciting time at DTNP which provided an excellent foundation and development both academically and socially.

- Khan Family

Our Daughter Melissa started at the Dhahran Tower pre-school since it opened back in January 2015. She was 9 months old at that time.
She stayed in the Dhahran Tower pre-school until she was 3yrs old, when we had to leave Saudi due to professional reasons.
Our daughter was always excited to go to the school to meet her friends and the educators. She loved it.
We could notice an improvement in her English as she could communicate easily with English speaking persons and also we noticed sometimes that she was missing going to school and speaking English.
We think it was good for her development. The structure is very professional and it was a very positive experience in the kingdom based on the different activities, school trips and quick reactive management support when it was needed.

- Normand Family


Please do get in touch if you have any questions regarding our childcare services.